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Simit sarayi Lebanon is a member of Simit Sarayi Worldwide Chain Restaurant.
Simit Sarayi (Palace) started as an innovation in 2002.
A new business model, which offered an economic alternative, showed a remarkable growth success in a short time.
Beginning with a store in Mecidiyeköy, Simit Sarayi, the first bakery chain of Turkey, was the flavor flag that carried all the power and traditional flavors to the world in order to give the value that the traditional food of the Anatolia deserved.
Simit Sarayi, which is growing rapidly both at home and abroad, has succeeded in being a frequent destination for people in a short time by presenting unique and delicious products.
Simit Sarayi, which is founded with the mission of becoming the most common food chain in the world, serves more than 300.000 people a day with its rich product range, hygienic integrated production facility, strong cold chain fleet and over 3000 employees.
With its innovative products and approaches, Simit Sarayi is getting more and more closer to its goal of giving simit to all over the world with its growth both domestically and abroad.

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