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Bossini offers a full range of good value- for- money casual apparel products, including ladies, men, kids, and youth wear which is designed to fit customers’ needs. It is headquartered in Hong Kong, launched its first retail outlet in 1987, has rapidly established an extensive international operating platform and distribution network over the past two decades, and successfully expanded its business to 36 countries and regions around the globe. It is now a widely recognized brand for casual men’s and women’s wear and renowned for it’s comfortable, easy to mix-and-match, colorful, and energetic style and with the mission to create appealing, competitive, and quality every day wear for happy living. To promote a positive and optimistic life attitude, “be happy” is bossini’s brand value. Through the colorful products and visual merchandising, the smiling faces of the staff with willing services, appropriate humor essence in various products, etc., Bossini aims to offer a comfortable and relaxing shopping environment, thus a happy shopping experience to its customers.

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