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Relaxed and cool designs with super fits and the most innovative treatments.

JACK & JONES makes it easy for fashion-conscious men to reflect their personalities through their clothes. Our five brands have different target groups and looks but all items go perfectly with a pair of jeans. All brands reflect current trends and offer relaxed and cool designs with super fits and the most innovative treatments.

CORE by JACK & JONES is for the young fashion-forward guy with an eye for details and graphics.

ORIGINALS by JACK & JONES has its roots in the indie and hipster scene. The style is urban, young and easy-going, and the inspiration is drawn from everything that influences the current trend.

PREMIUM by JACK & JONES is about the lifestyle of a true gentleman. Celebrating high quality, both in craftsmanship and fabrics, the collections are based on a selection of timeless classics in a modern context of seasonal trends as well as a full range of wardrobe staples.

JACK & JONES TECH provides a range of highly functional garments and casual styles fit for an active lifestyle.

JACK & JONES VINTAGE CLOTHING captures the true soul of jeans wear. The brand takes pride in reviving authentic vintage items and aims to reproduce washes, trim and fabrics with reference to a specific period in time.

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